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Aurifil Thread ~ Favorite Quilter's Thread ~ Everything you would ever want to know...

900pm Saturday night:
Congratulations! We have a winner for the Aurifil bag and thread samples! Nannie B. (See her comment below) 

Please contact me with your address information. (Must be in the US) You have until Sunday night to contact me. Denise @ Denise Clason.com (without spaces)

Hi Everyone,

First of all let me say that I am a BIG fan of Aurifil Thread! I use it for everything! Their colors are the prettiest, the thread is the smoothest, and it sews the best of all the threads I've used.  Needless to say, I am also one of their Designer Experts.
aurifil thread, camille roskelley
Collection of Camille Roskelley's favorite thread colors! Don't you just love them?
So, to learn more about their thread, I went to an Aurifil Thread Presentation this past week, presented by Alex Veronelli, the Product Manager (co-owner) of Aurifil Thread. There is a lot great information behind Aurifil Thread and why it is a quilter's favorite thread.

aurifil thread chart
Beautiful colors!! and in different sized spools! What else can you ask for?
Aurifil history... The company is based and thread is made in an area near Milan, Italy. The company has been in business since 1983. It was originally owned by Alex's father. They make only cotton and wool threads, in 4 different sized weights. 50, 40, 28 and 12 weights or wt. Aurifil also makes a Wool Thread, which is a blend of wool and acrylic. And they make a Floss, for embroidery. It is 6 strands and is used the same way you would use DMC Floss. It is wound onto a wooden spool and is so much easier to use than the other flosses, which are kept together with a paper band.

Note: Most of the colors and variegated colors come in all weight sizes! That is what is so awesome about Aurifil Thread!

Each thread weight is used for different and multiple purposes. The larger the thread number, the finer the thread. This is because it is measured by "weight." it takes more of the finer thread to make 1 pound of thread. (please click on thread number to find more information on each sized thread.)

50wt. is perfect for hand appliqué, piecing, lace, machine appliqué, embroidery, piecing, quilting and longarm quilting. I have used this weight for machine embroidery and it is wonderful and beautiful!
50wt thread comes on Orange spools

50wt sizes available, thread amounts

Note: Although all the thread weights can and have been used for machine quilting, be sure to use a large enough needle to handle the larger weights of thread. (28 and 12 wts.)

40wt. is great for cross-stitch, hand piecing, lace and machine appliqué, embroidery, piecing, quilting, longarm quilting.

40wt thread comes on a Green spools

40wt sizes available, thread amounts
28wt. is good for blanket stitching, cross-stitch, hand appliqué, hand piecing, hand quilting, lace, machine appliqué, embroidery, quilting, serging, and longarm quilting.and so much more. I haven't used this much, but, it makes beautiful machine embroidery. As the thread really shows.

28wt thread comes on Gray spools

28wt sizes available, thread amounts
variegated aurifil thread
Can't stop looking at the awesome colors of thread available! These are 28wt variated threads on the small spool.
12wt. is great for embellishment, hand appliqué, hand embroidery, hand quilting, cross-stitch, lace, machine appliqué, embroidery, quilting, redwork, serging, longarm quilting and Sashiko, etc. This is also used for blanket stitch.

12wt comes on Red spools

12wt sizes available, thread amounts

Floss can be used for cross-stitch, huck embroidery, punch needle, tatting, needlepoint, crochet, and appliqué.
aurifil embroidery thread
Cotton Floss on wooden spools! I love that!
Floss comes in one size and one spool

Wool thread is amazingly beautiful and is so perfect for those of you who love to work with wool felt! It can be used for cross-stitch, hand embroidery, appliqué, machine appliqué, quilting, serging, and longarm quilting. It comes in all of the weights and most of the colors.
aurifil wool thread
Aurifil Wool Chart
aurifil wood thread
Sampling of wool colors, they come in all weight sizes. Love the texture of the wool.

Wool sizes available, thread amounts
Poly Longarm is a 40wt high-sheen trilobal polyester thread. It comes in 10 wonderful variegated colors! It can be used for more than Longarm quilting. Use it for embroidery, thread painting, satin stitching, quilting, decorative stitching, and decorative appliqué.

aurifil longarm thread
Variegated Polyester Thread for Longarm quilting and MORE!

Monofilament Invisible Thread is my all time favorite invisible thread! it is 100% Nylon and made in Italy. It is zero thread breakage with a smoother finish. It comes in clear and smoke (charcoal). It can be used for stitch in the ditch, curved crosshatch quilting, scallop borders, machine quilting machine appliqué, and invisible blanket stitch.The reason I really like this thread is because it is very fine, strong, and not shiny. I also love how it imbeds itself into the quilts I make, making it virtually invisible!
aurifil monofilament invisible thread
Clear Monofilament
Smoke Monofilament

aurifil monofilament thread
Monofilament on cones

Monofilament thread sizes, thread amounts

Collections are some of my favorites, because they offer different types of thread options for the user.

*House Collection: designed by Aurifil Experts, these are premium selections in a variety of colors and weights.

*Designer Collections: Top Designers in the quilting, sewing and hand stitching arts have collaborated with Aurifil to design a variety of threads to coordinate with their designs/projects, but, can be used with any project.

*Customized Collections: These are tailor made collections based on the needs of a quilt store, magazine or brand. These are customized to the person who wants a unique collection.

aurifil designer thread, tula pink
Tula Pink Variegated Thread Collection
aurifil designer thread collection, susan brubaker knapp
Susan Brubaker Knapp's Collection, thread artist 
aurifil designer thread collection, sarah vedeler
Sarah Vedeler, embroidery designer
 There is a page on the Aurifil website on how to use their threads!

Here are a couple pictures from the presentation I went to the other night.

alex veronelli talking about Aurifil thread
Alex Veronelli with a quilt in his likeness, someone made for him.

alex veronelli aurifil thread
Alex Veronelli talking about the 15 different steps it takes to make Aurifil Thread.
Aurifil Thread has a phone app that is very nice. Go to your App Store and download it today! It's FREE!
aurifil thread phone app 
I will be having a giveaway! I have a white bag with the Aurifil logo to giveaway AND a sampling of their thread! The thread contains 1 spool of each of the types of thread mentioned above. (50, 40, 28, 12, wool, floss)

To enter the Giveaway:
Please make a comment telling me what your favorite color and weight of Aurifil Thread is and how you use it! 

Share this post to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts for a total of 4 chances to win! Please mention where you shared, in a new comment. Good Luck! 

The giveaway will end on Saturday night at 9:00pm PST.


  1. I have never used Aurifil thread, but I would love to try some! My favorite color to use for piecing is light gray.
    Sandy A

  2. I mostly use the 50 wt thread in neutral or light grey for piecing.

  3. I think the monofilament is pretty incredible for making invisible quilting stitches that add texture but don't interfere with a complicated art quilt design.

  4. Both my Bernina and I love Aurifil 50 weight threads. I use a lot of white, tan, grey and black for piecing. But when it comes to everything else like bindings, quilting and creating landscape quilts, I just love all the vivid colors... especially purple!

  5. Orange - 50 wt. - I use it for piecing and quilting. Love their thread!

  6. Hi! I have been an Aurifil user for just a few months. I am currently using 50 wt in natural white for piecing and quilting. It's wonderful! I never have problems with it. As for colors, it would be hard to choose a favorite from among so many beautiful ones.

  7. Alex visited Honey Bee Quilt Store in Austin on Saturday. He is in town for QuiltCon. I learned so much about his thread. My favorite is size 12. I hope to purchase the wool thread.

  8. Great article! I use the fifty weight for pei ing, usually beige. But I'm loving all the choices I didn't know about, and now I need to try the poly for quilting art quilts!! Thanks again!

  9. I shared your post on www.facebook.com/amiestarchukart

  10. I use 50 wt. Aurifil in white, black, beige and light grey for piecing, quilting, and general sewing. I do have a few of their other colors, but haven't tried the other weights yet. Great giveaway, thank you!

  11. I use 50wt for piecing and quilting, a light grey is my to-go color.

  12. I have never used Aurifil thread but it sounds wonderful and I would love to try some. I am a sewist, piecer and longarm quilter so I could see using most any size and color.

  13. Have never used Aurifil thread but plan to buy some. Thank you for all the useful info. I have posted this on facebook.
    Carol S.

  14. I have only used 50wt for quilt making so far and it has been great. Unfortunately in Ireland, we don't have a shop carrying a lot of them and white thread do a very good quilting for me.

  15. I found this information fascinating. I Love all the colors. I am just learning about all the different weights and types of thread available. I love piecing quilt top, sewing and machine embroidery. It is very relaxing and rewarding.

  16. I love the 28wt for cross stitching. I'm working on a Dear Jane, taupe material with Aurifil 2021. I love how the thread works, looks and feels! I'm a great big fan of Aurifil.

  17. I used Aurifl 50 wt white for the last project I made for both the piecing and quilting. I am anxious to try the Aurifil wool thread. I only buy Aurifil thread and use my old other brands for sewing hems or mending so I can save my Aurifil thread for my quilting projects. Just try Aurifil and you will love it like I do!

    1. Congratulations Nannie! You are the winner! Please contact me by email, in post or in sidebar with your address.

  18. I love the 50 wt - I think I have 25 spools of it in mainly neutral shades that I use for just about everything. Love it for piecing!!! I would love to try some of the different weights and get really adventurous! My fav is 2000 - goes with everything!

  19. I have to pick just one color?! I love all the colors in the 50 weight, although I only own one box of them. But those 12 spools get well used! My favorite color is the 1148 aqua blue. Thanks for the great review! I would love to try other Aurifil threads.

  20. A friend gave me a spool of the 28 ct to try with my cross stitching... I have been using the monofiliment for my quilting on wall hangings..

  21. I recently bought a new sewing machine and have been using the 50wt Aurifil thread when quilting. I've bought the black, white, cream and grey in the 50wt. The thread is WONDERFUL! I love it!

  22. Aurifil Monofilament is the best!! For all the reasons you mentioned. Thanks for the great post and opportunity for the giveaway.

  23. I use 50 wt for sewing just about everything! My favorite color is med orange!

  24. 50 wt. In a RAINBOW of favorites! Cannot pick ONE!


Thank you for your comments! I really enjoy what you have to say!