Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quilt Maker Bitty Blocks

Hi Everyone,

I've been working on a new BOM this year. Quiltmaker is doing "Bitty Blocks this year." They are only 3" or 4" square when completed! (you make as many as you want, but 16 is the number they recommend, so that you'll have enough for a large quilt.)

The program began in January, so it's not too late to get started. The January BOM was the "Bowtie" block. It was pretty simple, when you chain-stitch all of the same pieces at the same time. This is the picture of the January Bitty Bowtie Block:

Scrappy Bitty Blocks from Quiltmaker Website
Here are my Bitty Bowtie Blocks, using some of my larger scraps.

I like how they look with the colors I chose, as well as the scrappy blocks. I'm trying to use up larger pieces from my small scrap pile. We'll see how they turn out as the months go by.

The Bitty Block for February is the Basket Block. I think it would be best to use 1" finished triangle paper or Triangles-on-a-Roll, for this. As the half-square triangles are very small, and you want your squares to be perfect for such a small block.

Scrappy Bitty Basket Blocks from Quiltmaker Website.

I can't wait to sew up the basket blocks. If you want to join in on the fun, make a comment and send me a picture and I'll post it to my blog!

have fun, oxox

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