Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Creating and Organizing Passwords

Hi Everyone,

I've been cleaning up my many, many passwords this week. is taking me longer than I ever thought it would. 

How do you keep track of your passwords?... because there must be a better way than having a word document. I have 5 pages of passwords! That seems crazy to me. They are categorized by topic, which makes it a little easier to find the one I'm looking for. BUT, there must be a better way!

What is very interesting is, many of the websites are no longer letting me log in with the email/passwords that I have on record. The only thing I can figure out is that they have updated their website and changed the perimeters of the log-in information needed. 

Many of those that didn't let me log in, I deleted on my password sheet...I didn't go to those pages enough to realize I couldn't log in anyway, right?? (trying to simplify at the same time.)

I did find this great page at freebie finding mom, it offers a FREE download for keeping your passwords in one place.
Isn't this great! I would need a lot of pages to add all of my passwords! haha

How to create a STRONG password. 

www.deniseclason.comThe best advice for creating a secure password is to make it long and to use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and possibly symbols. 
Also avoid using any personal information (names, meaningful dates, postal codes, addresses) that could have been found by the hacker.
It's also very important to use different passwords for different accounts. Re-using the same passwords allows hackers to breach only one account to access all of your online information. To help with more security, you can create a two-step authentication. 
I hope I was able to get you thinking about how to protect yourself on the internet. Strong passwords are VERY important! Especially for any accounts that have to do with using your bank accounts and personal information.

Good Luck, and please share any ideas or tips that may help others, in the comments, below!

have a great day!

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