Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sorting Fabric, Surprises!

Hi everyone,

I had been sewing a lot lately and pulling fabric from my stash, and guess what happened...my studio got messy and full of "put away" stacks! I got tired of my cutting table looking messy, so, I pulled out my red fabric to re-insert the red that I pulled, PLUS, put away some new red fabric.

I don't have the before picture of the shelf, but, I do have the AFTER picture. I was going to "crop" the images, then I thought I would show you what my studio looks like at the same time.

#fabricstash #deniseclason
This shows a completed redo cabinet. started with the reds. 
I sort my fabrics from darkest to lightest. I did put my woven fabric first. I try to put the different shades together, such as red/red, red/oranges, red/pinks, etc. Then I put the red/whites last. You will see that I have tubs on the shelf above my cabinets, I keep things in those that I don't use very often. Such as Gallery Glass Paint for stained glass effects. Love this product!

The clothes rack that you see was made by my husband, I needed somewhere to hang things in my studio, which doesn't have a closet. I also keep large items in that corner, such as a mannequin, quilt stands, etc.
#fabricstash #deniseclason
This cabinet shows my yellows, blacks and tans. I redid my yellow stash.

I really need to work on my black stash. I wasn't too worried about my tans. I will probably do those, just because. I love finding fabric that I've forgotten about and PLUS, I get inspired to work on a new design.

Above, are more bins which contain some quilt kits, batiks, wooden pieces which are unfinished from painting conventions I've attended. As you can see, I do have a collection of paint on my back wall, below the fabric cabinets. My husband made these for me. I have four of them and a longer rack, which is the size of two of the smaller squares. (not in picture) It was quite expensive, and these racks my husband made were a lot less expensive and I LOVE them!

The cutting table is an organized MESS. I really need a bigger studio. Mine is only 9 x 9'. So, I have to store things very well, plus, I have a 4' x 2' sewing table and the same sized desk for my computer/printer, etc. I have a lot in here and love my space!

Now, that you've seen the pictures, I wanted to talk about the surprises I found. I found unusual things like a woven towel that I made for a book, but, never used. A few pieces of sewn together fabrics, like something for a window valance. Some cotton clothes that I thought would work great for a quilt, etc.

Do you find unusual things in your stash? Maybe a baby toy, or kitty or dog toy? I'd love to hear! 

Please leave a comment of something you've found while cleaning your sewing room! This can get interesting!

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