Monday, April 9, 2018

Miss Sadie 18" Doll

Hi Everyone!

I'm anxious to tell you about my Miss Sadie Doll. She is a very cute and fun to play with an 18" doll. She has a quilt and a pillow. Show her as a display, or give her as a gift to a friend or your child or family!

She is very quick to make doll. Miss Sadie is stitched, stuffed with stuffing and sewn together. I used a skinny sized permanent pin to make her eye dots. I used blushing powder to give her some cheeks! I've been very blessed when Miss Sadie was shown in a craft magazine. She is really adorable!!

Miss Sadie Doll pattern, would be in a 6" x 9" sized clear package to buy for $7.99. It would cost you $2.00 for shipping.

I'm also selling Miss Sadie in a pdf pattern. She would get sent to you in an email. NO shipping is required.

     *Miss Sadie Doll---$8.99 + $2.00 shipping = $10.99

     *Miss Sadie Doll---$8.99 = email pattern, buying

This is a picture of Miss Sadie, in a magazine.

I took this photo, see her quilt and pillow, also in pattern.

Please be happy to have Miss Sadie! She is a lot of fun to make and play with! I used a lot of buttons for her shoes, and elastic for her pants. Her hair is from a package at a craft store. There are several types to use. She have some curly hair. Her fun hat is very easy to make, too. Thank you! Have great sewing fun!


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