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Cute Tote Bag-Easy to Make

Hi Everyone!

I have been a seamstress and quilter for a long time, since I was 7 years old.

Well, I would love to share my pattern and instructions for this very cute and fun tote bag. Enjoy! Please show pictures in the comments area! I would love to see what you made!

Thanks. Denise

Make a Zippered Bag with Buttons

Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason
             Zippered bag measurements are 10"×10" bag.
Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason

  • *(5) Coordinating Fat Quarter (FQ) Prints or use scraps, minimum 10” x 10”
  • *1 bag “Button Tote Bag Assortment” buy from Just another Button Co.
  • *(2) 10” x 10” scraps of cotton batting, Warm & Company
  • *Multi-Color Machine Quilting Thread, to match fabrics, Coats & Clark
  • *10” Polyester Zipper, Coats & Clark
  • *Rotary Cutting Tools, Olfa
  • *Temporary Spray Adhesive, Odif  505
  • *Fray Check, Dritz
  • *1/8” wide 12” strand cording to match fabric

Supplies for zippered bag:

1/4” foot, zipper foot, multi-purpose foot, scissors, sewing machine, iron
All seam allowances are 1/4”.

Cutting Instructions for Zippered Bag:

From each FQ, cut (1) 2 1/2” x 10” strip (front of bag)
From one FQ, cut (1) 10” square (back)
From one FQ, cut (2) 10” squares (lining)
From cotton batting, cut (2) 10” squares
Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason
All seam allowances are 1/4”.
1.  With 1/4” foot, sew each 10” strip ride sides together (RST), along 10” side, Press
zippered bag
2. Layer backing (face down), batting, lining (face up) Spray Temporary Spray Adhesive between layers. Repeat with front and lining.
 3. With darning foot and feed dogs lowered, quilt bag using loopy design. Repeat with backing layers. Use matching lining thread in bobbin.
  1. Trim Front bag approximately 10” x 10” and then trim Back bag the same size.
 Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason
5. Position various buttons to front bag, in random places. Sew with machine or by hand. I used my machine and the variegated thread, it changed with the color of each button! Apply Fray Check to back of each button to secure.
Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason
6. With Zipper foot, sew zipper RST onto front of bag along top raw edge.
7. Sew zipper RST to back of back. Use pins if necessary.
8. With the Multi-purpose foot, zig-zag along zipper edge.
9. Turn bag over to Right side and topstitch along zipper edge.
Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason
10. Upzip zipper! (for turning right side out) With 1/4” foot, and RST, sew bag along all three sides. Backstitch at each end. Zig-zag along seam allowances.
Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason
11. At corners of bag, match up side seam with bag bottom seam, pin on either side of seam. Check inside of bag to make sure they line up. Sew a seam, approximately 1 1/4”, from tip of corner . Backstitch at each end. Zig-zag and trim. Turn bag RSO.
Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason
12. Thread cord through zipper pull and tie a knot. Thread cord through three different buttons and tie a knot. Trim cording even. Apply Fray Check to ends. Enjoy!
Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason
Denise Clason has been an artist/designer for over 35 years, selling her creative and beautiful designs to friends and teachers at an early age.  She continues to design and has  been published and licensed in the craft, decorative painting, sewing and quilting industries.  Along the way she has designed product for several manufacturers.  Denise is the author of 9 books. Her latest book, “Sewing Vintage Aprons” was published by All American Crafts”, released June 2011. Another two books were published by Krause Publication’s, “New Country Quilting,” released Spring 2005 and “Quilted Bags & Totes,” released Fall 2006. Denise is a Designer Member of The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA).  Please contact her at or visit her website & blog: She would love to hear from you!
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  1. I have really enjoyed making this little tote bag. I use it a lot on my travels. I love seeing all the buttons, and I made up the handle design. I used buttons added to the thread opening zipper. It really is cute on the bad, and easier to opener the tote!

    Please make one and show me!


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