Sewing Vintage Aprons by Denise Clason
11 Classic apron for today's lifestyle~

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sewing vintage aprons with eleven apron styles
Sewing Vintage Aprons, 11 different apron styles. Two different oven mitts, placemats, table runner
Book Review: (from Betty's blog)
Redefining housework, one apron at a time! We start off with one of my favorite sewing books, "Sewing Vintage Aprons: Classic Aprons for Today's Lifestyle" by Denise Clason. I love it because the wonderful photos get my creative juices going and I get excited about my shop all over again. The patterns are easy (included), most for beginners, and there is no need to enlarge them, Whoo Hoo. (Having to enlarge a pattern is a pain, if you know what I mean.) So go ahead. Tie one on.

Amazon Book Review:
"I found the book easy to read and understand. I have minimal sewing experience. I found this very easy to use, fun to create. I am using for Christmas gifts for my grown daughters. They will love them. As I made their man folk aprons last year."

Amazon Book Review:
"I love every pattern in this book! Some are similar to patterns I have, but, with slightly different details and awesome fabrics. Several are completely different from any I've seen. I haven't made any yet, as I just received the book, today, but, I can't wait to get started. I love the apron info and memories and the recipes. The photos are great, I am so excited about this book!"

Quilted Bags and Totes by Denise Clason
15 creative bags and tote patterns

Quilted Bags and Totes with 15 patterns
Quilted Bags and Totes
Amazon Book Review:
"This is one of the best tote and bag books that I own (and that is saying something, I have quite a collection.) The instructions are clear and easy to follow, the bags themselves are fun and useful and also easy to adapt to get a truly unique product. Even if you are new to bag making you will be able to make bags from this book. Highly recommended."

Amazon Book Review:
"Quilted Bags and Totes has something that is missing in most bag books. It is actually creative! The author includes several different types of patterns, not just squares of fabrics sewn together with a strap to carry it around. Multiple pockets, unique closures, and unusual designs are just a few of the reasons to purchase this book. I made the Messenger Bag for myself, and now, I am inundated with friends and acquaintances knocking down my door to have me make one for them. All in all, if you are only going to buy one purse book, I would recommend this one!"

Amazon Book Review:
"This book has a nice variety of projects. Not all of them are my style, but enough of them are for me to be glad that I got this book. I'm presently using the designs in this book to make gifts. So far, so good! There's a really cute backpack in here that I'm about to try. UPDATE: So far I've made the basic tote bag, "Amber's Tote", twice as gifts. Just completed the Back-pack last night and my college age daughter was very impressed. It has a front pocket and eyelets for closures at the top. It looks great! My only complaint is that I had trouble when I first started putting in the metal eyelets in the quilted fabric (and I managed to cut, be careful.) (I would use a thin batting.) There is a great looking messenger bag, ID luggage tag, various purses with purchased handles. I'm a tote bag fanatic, I admit, and this is my favorite book of patterns for them."

The Rikki Bag from Quilted Bags and Totes
The Rikki Bag, make-up bag or storage bag

New Country Quilting by Denise Clason
25 pieced and appliquéd projects, for every room in your home

new country quilting with 25 pieced and appliquéd projects
25 pieced and appliquéd projects for your home
Amazon Book Review:
"This is a great book if you want to quilt things for around the house. I have made several of the items in this book and found the instructions to be easy to follow! I especially love how Denise mixes different prints to make each project look "scrappy." There are projects for each room of your home. The kitchen has curtains, seat cushions, placemats, small quilts. The bath has a shower curtain, tissue box cover, etc. I love each room!"
Sunshine and Diamond quilt, alternate coloration from book.

Quilted Basket, for holding cook books

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Crow Creek, Darrow Publications

Crow Creek Reunion, Darrow publications

barnyard basics booklet, darrow productions

pioneer dreams booklet, darrow publications

sunflower bay booklet, darrow publications

patchwork cove booklet, darrow publications