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Please upload a picture of your blocks the Quilt Girl flickr page! I would LOVE to see your blocks! Thanks for joining my Strip-Block-of-the-Month! I've had fun putting these together for you!

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  1. Do you know when you are going to post the rest of the blocks for this quilt.

  2. Hello Everyone...please click on the "Download Block" link to print out the patterns. Since these are PDF's I had to upload them differently, instead of jpeg's, as I did, in the past.

  3. I did not have time to do these before Christmas. I now have 10 of the 12 done. Plan on finishing the other two this weekend. Love the blocks.

    1. Can't wait to see them, can you post them on my Flickr page? There is a link in the sidebar. Thanks, kristi!

  4. love your free block of the month thankyou

  5. Do you have a picture of the finished quilt? I would love to see your layout and how you quilted the quilt.

    1. no, not yet. I'm so bad. I have about 7 or 8 BOM's that I need to finish up! I can post a few examples of how to lay them out. They are mostly traditional, you can also "google" quilt and see if you can find other ideas.

    2. I found some books in my collection on setting blocks and doing borders, here is the list:

      1. Setting Solutions by Sharon Craig (available online, e-book, through amazon.)

      2. Sensational Setting by Joan Hanson

      3. Smashing Sets by Margaret J. Miller

      4. Borders basics & beyond by Jill Reber

      5. The Quilters Edge, borders, bindings and finishing touches by Darlene Zimmerman

    3. Hi Denise, I just received my free Bella Quarterly, March issue. Then as I was down loading the publication I
      ran into a section on quilts. Quilts have a very special meaning to me. I am 72 and remember as a child my
      grandmother always quilting. I saved everything hoping one day to make a quilt for my son. I saved everything
      thank goodness! I have old hand made patterns, old materials and, a quilt top, hand sewn.
      I have always loved crafting one sort but for the last 10 years I fell in love with card making. I will definitely look for the books you have. I love quilt books and patterns but when I tried it in the past I just made mess of everything. I enjoyed the looking but not the doing. In addition to cards I also volunteer for a medical air transport company making preemie baby caps. They use them to transport their babies by helicopter in little isolettes.. They have taken the heater and the air condition out of the helicopters to reduce weight to make them
      go faster. It can really get cold and the little caps help. I am so sorry I am going on and on. I just was so excited
      when I read about you and I had to write. If you would like I will send you some pictures. We are in the process of decluttering because we want to move before we are too old to do it and they ship us off to "Shady Pines". My son is always teasing me about shipping me off and, I don't know why but it gets my tickle bone and I just crack up laughing. I am so sorry this is so long. Fond Regards, Mary Bynum


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