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Quilted Bags and Totes
Messenger Bag
1. In "Supplies:"
--Add---metal slider for strap webbing.
--Add---2 swivel hooks, 1-3/4" plus "D" rings or triangle pieces
--Note: it may be hard to find the 1-3/4" wide webbing, buy a 2" webbing instead, and then buy the hooks, and sliders to match.  The Buckle Guy has some great choices.
2. On page 62, "Step 7"---DO NOT sew the burgundy square onto the bag until the side panel is attached to the front panel. See Below.
3. On page 63, "Step 2"-- "Sew the Front and Back Together"
At the end of Step 2 add---Cut off the extra side panel, for a perfect fit.  Attach the burgundy square, with the "D" ring attached, to the side panel, BEFORE sewing the back panel to the side panel.
Rikki's Bag on page 74
Cut the zipper pull, 1" x 8"
Aubrey's Tote
A1, on page 73, "Step 1"---Press under 1/4" on each 10" edge of the 1-1/4" x 10" burgundy strip.

Luggage Tag
On page 66, "Step 4" ---add---trim the triangle pieces before turning it right side out.
Lexi's Bag
1. On page 82, "Step 2" ---add---Using the multicolored quilting thread, quilt pieces.
2. On page 83, "Step 3" ---Note: The angled sides form when the 2" corner seam is made. 
The Bradford Duffle on page 116
1. Cut from the floral print, (1) 24" x 31-1//2" rectangle (do not cut two)
2. Cut from the floral print, 2 strips, 1-1/2" x 14-1/2"
3. From the check print, cut (1) 24" x 31-1/2" rectangle (do not cut two)

New Country Quilting

Two Hearts Make Friends Wall Hanging on page 120
1. Cut from the No. 1 green print, (4) 1-1/2" x 10" (ties)
2. On page 123, "Step 4" of "Bind the wall hanging and make the ties"---
Press under 1/4" on both sides of the 1-1/2 x 10" Nor. 1 green tie pieces.

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